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cTrader platform and ctrader platform Brokers

cTrader platform is associate degree irreplaceable tool for each beginners and skilled traders. cTrader platform provides direct STP-access to international currency markets, which implies that there aren’t any dealers, re-quotes, or any delays so as execution, and guarantees instant execution of clients’ orders.

Quick Entry and Execution

cTrader platform grade your service primarily based execution quality and speed. Your success can rely on how briskly you’ll fill orders, with cTrader orders square measure stuffed in exactly milliseconds. cTrader supports synchronous order process, multiple orders are often stuffed quickly, there’s no order queue.

Option of Trigger Methods

Pending Orders, Stop Loss and Take Profits are often triggered by the alternative aspect, second consecutive value and even second consecutive opposite value to guard against harmful inaccurate costs.

Advanced Order Protection

Advanced Take Profit will be accustomed scale out of an edge at multiple levels, Stop Loss will be set to break-even and Server Trailing Stops will be accustomed follow profitable positions.
ctrader platform

Stop Out Kind

cTrader offers 2 stop out sorts. good Stop Out provides the simplest probability of recovery within the unfortunate event that margin falls below stopout level. the most important margin taking position are going to be part closed to take care of the position and also the entry purpose. This rule protects margin, positions and balance. truthful Stop Out closes the most important margin taking position entirely as hostile the foremost unprofitable position. This technique frees the maximum amount margin as potential to safeguard the remaining positions.

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Blow is a List of Forex brokers who provide cTtrader platform facility to their cleints.

Brokers Platform Mini
Max Leverage Mini Lot Spread
  cTrader $200 500-1 0.01 ?
TopFX cTrader $1 500-1 0.01 ?
OctaFX cTrader $5 500-1 0.01 ?
Rexor Investments cTrader $5 400-1 0.1 ?
Traders Way cTrader $1 1000-1 0.1 ?
TradeWiseFX cTrader $25 500-1 0.01 ?
Tradeview Forex cTrader $100 400-1 0.01 ?
RoboForex cTrader $1 100-1 0.01 0.?
KAWASE cTrader $100 500-1 0.01 ?
MaxFX cTrader $100 300-1 0.01 ?
FxPro cTrader $100 500:1 0.01 ?
FXPIG cTrader $500 400-1 0.01 ?
IC Markets cTrader $200 500-1 0.01 ?
Divisa Capital cTrader $2000 200-1 0.01 ?

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