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The Forex Market is a strange market in the world. Sometimes runs like a turtle and sometimes like a rabbit. What are Forex News and when news comes to Forex. So what impacts on the trader leave? These are a few feelings that come into every forex trader’s mind during trading time. Forex news is attached to every country’s economy. If a country’s economy is good, this forex news will be good. And the currency of this country will be strong. If the country’s economy is weak, then the currency of this country will be weak. Here we only comment on a Forex news. This is a true thing, the currency For each country is under the control of the economy. The news about America’s Payroll on the first Friday of each month is only reported in the news that how many job opportunities were given to the people in the last month and how much people have benefited from this opportunity. If more opportunities are provided and people get more And more, the Sir Dollar will be strong and Forex trader will buy Sir Dollar maximum. If the news is bad, then the dollar will be weak. Thus, every week and month Forex news continues, and Forex market goes on to rabbit and turtle and Forex Traders follow this Forex market as per the trick.

There are several important factors that news traders look for in Broker services:

1. Instant guaranteed execution of pending.
2. Oneclick excution must be fast.

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