Swap-Free Account Brokers

According to ‘Shariah’ law, the sharia, Muslims aren’t allowed to benefit from any reasonably interest. This law conjointly prohibits Muslim Forex brokers from earning interest via Forex trading. the sole approach that Muslims will trade Forex is by swap free Forex trading
and for that reason several Moslem accounts give the chance to trade Forex swap free, that isn’t accessible in the other approach.trading Forex swap free is thought as ‘No Riba Forex’. The name ‘Swap-free accounts’ is additionally accustomed describe interest-free commerce because it signifies that no swap or change interest is taken on nightlong
positions. typically so as to create a profit and still abide to
Islamic law, Forex brokers substitute the interest fee with a distinct fee that covers the rate of interest whereas still staying among the boundaries of the law. This technique of request is thought as swap free in disguise and is taken into account to be unethical and dishonest.
swap free
Making the transition to Associate in Nursing Moslem account is straightforward and lots of Moslem accounts can kindly assist you create the transition.

The chart below lists our high selections for Moslem accounts beside some info to assist you choose that one is best for you. Once you choose to upgrade to associate degree. Moslem Forex account, anybody of those brokers can assist you create a swish and fast transition.

The following is the rundown of Forex brokers who provide swap free account.

Forex Brokers Swap Free Ac Min Deposit Max Leverage Country
Pepperstone Yes $200 500:1 Australia
Fxnet Yes $50 500:1 Cyprus
Fxdd Yes $2000 200:1 Malta
fortresscapitalinc Yes $2000 50:1 Fort Lauderdale
Ifcmarkets Yes $1 400:1 Birmingham
Forex.com Yes $250 50:1 UK
FBS Yes $1 3000:1 Belize
Fastbrokers Yes $200 500:1 US
Easymarkets Yes $2500 200:1 Cyprus
Dukascopy Yes $100 200:1 Switzerland
Gcmforex Yes $100 100:1 Turkey
Ikongm Yes $1000 50:1 New York
Realtrader.org Yes $20 500:1 Mahe, Seychelles
Stoxmarket Yes $1000 500:1 Anguilla
Sunbirdfx Yes $1000 300:1 UK
Forexyard Yes $100 200:1 UK
Fx-edge Yes $200 100:1 USA
Cccapital UK Yes $500 100:1 UK
Billioncapitals Yes $50 1000:1 UK
Citypointrading Yes $500 300:1 UK
Bcapitalsfx Yes $10 400:1 UAE
Atom8 Yes $5000 100:1 UK
Alfa-capitalmarket Yes $200 400:1 UK
Agmmarkets Yes $250 200:1 Cyprus
Fxclub-global Yes $200 50:1 Cyprus
Admiralmarkets Yes $200 500:1 UK
Alpari Yes $1 500:1 St. Vincent
Directfx Yes $250 400:1 Australia
Fxpromus Yes $100 500:1 Mauritius
Icmarkets Yes $200 500:1 Australia
Mexexchange Yes $200 500:1 Australia
Topfx Yes $1 100:1 Cyprus
Thinkmarkets Yes $250 500:1 Australia
Hotforex Yes $150 400:1 St. Vincent
XM.com Yes $5 888:1 Cyprus
Fxpro UK Yes $500 500:1 UK
Fxopen Yes $1 400:1 New Zealand
Mexexchange Yes $200 500:1 Australia
Mexgroup Yes $100 500:1 Hong Kong
Ivbrokers Yes $100 500:1 Belize
Liteforex Yes $10 1000:1 Marshall Islands
Orbex Yes $500 500:1 Cyprus
Forex4you Yes $1 1000:1 British Virgin
Iccapital UK Yes $200 500:1 UK
HYCM Yes $50 300:1 UK
Hydramarkets Yes $100 1000:1 Georgia
Maxfx Yes $200 500:1 Cyprus
Kawase Yes $100 500:1 Cyprus
Onefinancialmarkets Yes $250 400:1 UK
Rfxt Yes $10000 400:1 Greece
Trader-trust Yes $100 500:1 Denmark

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